About Numerology blueprints

Catarina brown gives a new vision of numerology. And it makes it a strategic tool for daily self-development.

Catarina brown, numerology in UK (and elsewhere) 

Catarina brown is a numerologist in UK and its region. From her passion for numerology, she has made it her full-time job: realization of numerological themes for individuals or professionals, conferences on numerology, writing of books, training … she provides her knowledge of numerology at service to the greatest number to facilitate life orientations. Thanks to the internet tools (Smartophone and applications like Skype, WhatsApp or FaceTime), it is accessible everywhere in France and in the world for the reproduction of themes. Payment is made by credit card during the appointment (by electronic payment as when buying flowers remotely).
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Books around numerogy and intuition

In order for everyone to benefit from this strategic numerology tool, Catarina Brown co-authored the book Numerology. She also wanted to bring intuition back to the forefront, proving that everyone was good at it, in the book Intuition, if we really listened to it? In her latest book, published in 2019, she offers a timeless book that can be used throughout life to help us integrate the time factor and facilitate our choices.
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Numerology, to get better knowledge and advance better

More than yet another mode of personal development, numerology is a real strategic tool. It allows us to get to know ourselves better: our gifts, our basic needs, our natural aptitudes: it is by identifying them that we feel more confident, that we are less afraid to go towards what makes us blossom.