Get to know yourself better thanks to strategic numerology

Refocus, do not get lost, detect the opportune moments, … strategic numerology is a simple and fun tool for self-knowledge. It sheds light on the dynamics to be given to his life.
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What is strategic numerology?

Strategic numerology is based on the elements of your identity: your first names, your last name and your date of birth. Each person is connected to numbers and these, with their sacred dimension, affect the personality far beyond what you think. Strategic numerology, unlike other practices, is a tool for taking part in your life. It allows everyone to get to know each other better by answering the following questions: what are my basic needs? Have I found them and learned to feed them? Am I in tune with myself? Using strategic numerology is therefore the way to regain energy by confirming what we already knew deep within ourselves. This is the way to regain the ability to have faith in yourself. Strategic numerology proposes to make everyone autonomous in two aspects of their life. You can better perceive your personality: it means knowing yourself better in order to reconnect with your basic needs. We also integrate a temporal dimension into our daily lives: we act better because we take into account the “energy” of the moment.
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Understanding the sense of our temporality

If you want to plant tomatoes, you can do so whenever you want, even in December. But then you will need to invest in heated greenhouses and artificial lights. If you do them in May, it will be much easier and more time and energy efficient. This is what strategic numerology also allows you: find the right moments to do things: start an activity, train, change jobs, invest, … You can reconnect with what is more natural to you and thus accept the flow of time as it stands.


What if you better understand who you are, your basic needs, your talents, the pace of your life? We all have a place to take in society ...