If is important to observe the Universal Year and to gain an understanding of the vibration it brings. It is however much more important to observe our own personal year and the vibration that affects us so personally.

For instance let us look at the scenario where the Universal Year is a 9. You are likely surrounded by endings of friendships, marriages, business enterprises etc. but you are living a 1 Personal Year which is all about New Beginnings. What to do? Understanding the vibration surrounding your own Personal Year can help you stay afloat when you are not in sync with the Universal Year. It is important to observe and try your best to follow the current of your personal vibration in your personal year.

First We Need to Know the Universal Year… 

How Do You Calculate a Universal Year Number?

To calculate the Universal Year Number you simply add the numbers of the year up individually and reduce this to a single digit.

For example: 2016 2 + 0 + 1 + 6 = 9 

The year 2016 is therefore a “9” year for the universe.

*Note: If your personal year adds up to an 11, you will feel the inuence of the 11 and the 2 years. Likewise, if it adds up to 22 you will feel the inuence of the 22 and the 4 years.

How Do You Calculate a Personal Year Number?

First you will need to calculate the Universal Year Number. You cannot calculate your own Personal Year Number without it. Your Personal Year Number is the number of the Universal year plus your own birth, month and day.

EXAMPLE 1: If your birthday is March 25th and you want to nd your personal year for 2016.

March = 3 25th day reduces to (2+5=7) 

Universal Year is 9 (2+0+1+6=9) 

Now add 3 + 7 + 9 = 19 1+9 = 10 1+0 = 1

Your personal year is a 1. 

EXAMPLE 2: If your birthday is February 14th. 

February = 2

14th day reduces (1+4=5) 

Universal year is 9 Now add 2 + 5 + 9 = 16 1+6=7 

Your personal year is 7. 

Personal Year Explanation Chart 


This is a year of new beginnings. New opportunities will be all around you. The universe will give you lots of energy to work with. This is GO TIME! It is the beginning of a whole new cycle. Anything you begin this year will inuence the next 9 years. Follow your dreams! Make a list of goals and follow through with achieving them. You are planting seeds this year. 


After a busy year of new beginnings, you are feeling tired from working so hard last year. This is the year to get in your TIME OUT chair. This is a year when your patience will be tried. This year you will feel like spending time with one person. The group dynamic does not appeal to you this year. You will be spending time in one on one relationships. It is not unusual to feel a little low and possibly sensitive in a year of 2. This is because the universe has taken all that energy you had last year and is asking you to rest before you launch into the busy year of the 3. 


This is the year that your interest in being social returns. Your energy is returning and many creative ideas are “downloading” into your awareness now. This is a creative energy. The group dynamic will be important to you this year. You will not have a lot of focus as your mind will be very busy. You will likely feel like getting out of a rut and having more fun this year. This is typically a very optimistic year.


After a year of fun this is the year when your focus returns and it’s back to work for you! This year you can focus on whatever you choose to. You must be careful not to focus too much on your limitations as you can create the feeling of being stuck. This is a great year to take a course or to build a solid foundation for your life. This is an action year where goals can more easily be achieved if you stay focused on a positive direction. You may feel the need to hold on to your money for fear you won’t have enough.


The theme of the personal year of 5 is all about freedom! This is the year of change and unexpected events. You should engage in travel this year as the experience of travel is a great learning opportunity. Be careful not to squander your money as the restraints of last year are being lifted. You can be over indulgent this year so watch for any addictions you may have. This is a great year for taking risks and trying something entirely new!