How it works ?

We have developed a system incorporating the fundamentals of numerology, associated with a sophisticated algorithm. We calculate the symbolism of your question according to the value assigned to each letter.

The inclusion grid

Next, we do a calculation based on an inclusion grid. This allows us to give you a percentage estimate, in order to know if the event to which you are referring will happen or not.

What exactly is it?

Once you have filled in the fields for your respective dates of birth, you will obtain your superimposed sky chart as well as the calculation of the astrological aspects. Evozen then offers you a sharp interpretation of each aspect. Everything is free, of course.

First name compatibility?

The first name – first name compatibility should not be confused with the astrological synastry. The 1st is based on numerology and therefore the value of the numbers making up the first name. It is less precise than the second. Synastry is the best in divinatory science on the theme of love.