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A numerological profile to reveal who you are

Have you ever felt a sense of failure or not complete? Feeling like your activity is meaningless? Want to understand what you’re made for? What if you got to know yourself better, get to refocus, and let go of limiting beliefs that keep you from being yourself?

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What is a numerological profile?

In strategic numerology, a complete theme helps you to know yourself better: what are your talents, your basic needs, your innate aptitudes? What tools would be useful to you for working and fulfilling your life mission? In one session, you discover your 7 keys to understanding yourself, your life dynamics, the explanations of your difficulties and the means to get around them. A strategic numerology theme will (re) give you confidence in your potential. Indeed, it allows you to become aware of what you already knew, deep within yourself. This theme reveals to you what is vital to you and allows you to realize how to get closer to what gives you meaning.
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Become an actor in your life

Once this numerological profile is known, you will be able to be more in tune with yourself. You will be equipped to face the unknown because you will know what is important to you. By knowing your true nature, you will be aware of what makes you tick. Likewise, you will have identified the qualities to be developed, as well as the challenges to be met. Thanks to strategic numerology, you know the life path that best matches your personality and the levers for improvement.
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Is this the right time?

Depending on the major periods of life, the year, the quarter, the month and the day we are in, and depending on who we are, the vibrations are not the same. Each personal year resonates differently and indicates trends. Is this the time to start new things or, on the contrary, to take the time and refocus? If we understand the vibration we are in, everything happens more easily and more fluidly. Strategic numerology is thus a powerful decision support tool. This temporal dimension is addressed both in the full theme and in the annual monitoring.
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Couple numerology

A couple is the combination of two personalities who share the same temporality. At the emotional level, we sometimes get lost. And that a situation that seemed to us to be in line with our feelings at one time, is no longer. So, should we stay? Go ? Strategic numerology, taking into account each person’s personality and temporality, is also here a decision-making tool.


What if you better understand who you are, your basic needs, your talents, the pace of your life? We all have a place to take in society ...