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Getting to know your child better, to better support him

Is your child failing, dreamy, violent or unhappy? Do you feel helpless in front of him? Or do you want to help him in his career choices? Strategic numerology is a powerful tool for understanding your child.

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Understanding your child

A child, from an early age, displays a personality, a character all his own. And although we as a parent are in the best position to know him, sometimes we have trouble perceiving him for who he is, or understanding some of his reactions. Why ? Because we often project our own history and our hurts onto our child, it prevents us from seeing him for what he really is. The neutral gaze of numerology will allow you to reveal your own individuality.
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Help your child grow thanks to strategic numerology

Strategic numerology establishes your child’s personal tree and fundamental triangle. Thanks to these tools, you will have a real reading grid of your child’s personality. You will know his strengths and weaknesses, his talents and natural aptitudes. You will know how to help him meet his challenges and work on his missing qualities. Thus, you will give him, from an early age, additional chances to be fulfilled, in harmony with himself.
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Choose an orientation suited to your personality

The moment of orientation is a defining moment in a person’s life. Which sector to choose? How to make the right choice ? Strategic numerology is based on your child’s innate talents and qualities and their potential. Thanks to the realization of his numerological theme, you will be able to help him make the right decision.
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Your child and strategic numerology

If your child is under 18, their theme will be returned to you. This analysis will allow you to obtain additional tools to best support your child. If your child is over 18, there are two possibilities:

  • your child is mature enough and wants to receive the theme himself. He can possibly be accompanied by one of his parents if he wishes.
  • your child does not want to receive the theme because he does not feel the need or because he is resistant to it. However, the parent must ask permission to receive the topic.


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